We are frequently asked about social media and B2B (or industrial) clients. Social media can and does work for B2B organizations. However, as we tell all of our clients, the desired end goals for B2B and social media are different than the end goals for B2C organizations. When we work with clients to establish their brand on social media, we ensure all parties are tracking on EXACTLY what the goals are and HOW the goals and KPIs on social media factor into their overall marketing strategy.

Below is a case study from an organic-only B2B organization we worked with during the second quarter of 2019. Are you B2C? Here is a case study from a B2C Facebook Ads Campaign.

As a note, whether you use our agency, another agency, or DIY social media, remember:

  • Make sure your social media marketing fits into the scope of your overall marketing. Having a clear and consistent message across all mediums is critical for long-term success.
  • Ensure that your target audience is clearly defined prior to beginning any new campaign. Knowing WHO you are speaking to helps when you are crafting content.
  • Clearly define your goals and their accompanying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) prior to beginning any social media (or really ANY marketing) campaign. A benefit to digital marketing is the abundance of data to measure success or areas that could use improvement.
  • Make sure your copy and graphics appeal to your ideal audience (Don’t assume your audience speaks your lingo, you need to speak THEIRS).
  • When working with any agency, ask how their process flow works and how the content approval process goes within their organization.
  • Don’t assume your target audience knows about your organization. Educate your audience.
  • Set realistic and pragmatic goals for your social media marketing.
  • Don’t expect one campaign to make or break your organization (if you are expecting that, we would recommend a business coach before hiring us or any agency).

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