We are frequently asked, “Do Facebook Ads really work?”. And the answer is YES! Here is a case study we did on a client we helped with B2C Facebook ads. In this case, we provided our client with an 8.2X ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) in an industry with a standard ROAS of 3-4X.

As a note, whether you use our agency, another agency, or DIY B2C Facebook ads, remember:

  • Make sure your targeting fits your ideal client. If your targeting is off you *might* get a lot of clicks, but very few purchases. Your goal is to drive purchases/actions that build your bottom line.
  • Make sure your copy and graphics appeal to your ideal client (Don’t assume your client speaks your lingo, you need to speak THEIRS).
  • Make sure your sales process (sales funnel) doesn’t have “holes” where you lose people. Not sure what your sales process is? You might want to pause before launching ads. Make sure you can handle potential clients BEFORE you start ads.
  • Be smart in spending your money, don’t just throw a lot of money at an ad and hope for the best. We see a lot of people just throwing money at ads and hoping they will work. Take the time to test your ads and make sure they are working before you massively scale the budget and/or reach of those ads.
  • Don’t assume your client knows they need your product or service (in other words, have a nurturing process to warm leads from cold to warm to clients). Ads that run to a cold audience will usually cost you more per acquisition than ads run to a warm or hot audience. When you take the time to nurture your audience you will save yourself money in the long-run.
  • Don’t expect one ad to make or break your organization (if you are expecting that, we would recommend a business coach before hiring us).