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Why Choose Absolute Holdings Group?

Absolute Holdings Group is a full-service, performance-driven, marketing, advertising, and public relations firm headquartered in Kingsport, TN and Fayetteville, NC.  We specialize in brand strategy, social media marketing, search engine marketing, direct marketing, ad creation and coordination, website development, and media planning. We are the total package. At AHG we believe in strong client-agency relationships, and to that end, we have built our business model around the concept of helping others grow and thrive.

Marketing Strategy Foundations


Business owners, are you tired of spinning your wheels with marketing? Are you frustrated with planning your strategy. Our proven workbook will help you gain clarity on your audience, offer, and strategy.

AHG has worked with clients nationally and internationally to help them leverage marketing to grow their organizations. Are you ready to take your next step?

Are you leveraging your brand?

Are you leveraging your marketing to grow your brand and achieve your goals? No? The experienced team at AHG can help. We offer the affordable and strategic marketing plans your organization needs.

National and International Marketing

With national and international clients of all sizes in a wide variety of industries, AHG has the experience to benefit your organization.

Do you want your time back?

How much time are you and your team spending currently on your marketing? Could that time be better used doing other activities? How much is that lost time costing you in labor and payroll?

Do you need marketing help?

Does marketing frustrate you? We can help!  What if you could have all the benefits of an in-house marketing department, without the cost? Our experienced team is happy to help give you and your team time and energy back.

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