You have just created your account and have set up your first board. What should you do next to help you promote your business on Pinterest? We have some tips to get you started on this platform. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for effective Pinterest marketing.


1. Create Your Profile

Make sure to fill out the fields, such as your name, the name of your business, and your bio. Think of the things that your site visitors may want to know about you. As long as you’re not giving away sensitive information, you’re good to go. Introducing yourself is the first step to brand awareness and to building trust.

Don’t forget to verify your email address after creating your account.

2. Build Your Network

Add people within your contacts and interact with them when you can. This helps you build rapport so you can share relevant content with them. At this point, focus on building relationships and learning about the platform. Make sure to work on creating a good impression because your audience will associate you with your business.

3. Create Your Boards

A minimum of five boards is enough to get started. You don’t have to pin a lot of things right away. Just start building on these first and focus more on the quality than the quantity of what you include.

4. Thoughtful Cover Photo

This picture should strongly reflect what your brand and what your business is about. Make sure that you own the rights to the photo to avoid copyright issues in the future.

5. Stay Positive 

Just like search engines and other social media platforms, this site rewards users who provide positive content. Pinterest analytics favor users who generate this type of content. Developers believe that promoting positive content can provide the visitors with an overall more satisfying experience each time they see boards that produce feel-good vibes. This can make users visit the site more often.

Make sure to regularly pin or share content so that you stay visible to  your followers.


1. Pin Only Sporadically

Make sure to regularly pin or share content so that you stay visible to  your followers. Think of regularizing this activity as one way to subtly market your business. If you find yourself too busy, there are many tools on the market that can automate your Pinterest posting schedule.

2. Ignore Your Competitors

If you don’t know what happens in your competitors’ network, you won’t know what they do to boost their sales. You don’t have to copy what they’re doing. Simply let yourself be inspired and innovate from there.

3. Pin Everything

Do this and your followers may eventually unfollow you. Not being discerning of what you pin can also have you accidentally pinning spam, which can have your account suspended.

Make sure not to get your boards too cluttered and only pin high-quality content that is relevant to your brand and audience. Keep your profile well-curated.

4. Keep the Network within Pinterest

There are numerous social media sites that attract people from different demographics. Promote your Pinterest board to your other platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter. Staying only within Pinterest is a lost opportunity to drive traffic. 

Pinterest also offers a “Pin It” button you can include in your website, which can lead more people to your board and increase the chance of people saving or sharing your images.

5. Continually Recycle Old Content

New trends pop up all the time, with each one having a unique concept. Recycling the same content over and over again can make your business seem stale and potentially lead to a loss of followers.

Consistency is key for connecting with your target audience through Pinterest marketing.

Start Your Pinterest Marketing Plan

Consistency is key for connecting with your target audience through Pinterest marketing. It is important to regularly engage with your audience to help drive the traffic you need to boost your network.

Carefully curating your pins and providing interesting content and value is crucial. If they like what they see, your followers can help you further promote your business by sharing your content.