When you think of “art”, most of the time the first thing that comes to your mind is a beautiful painting or drawing. You think of an orchestra playing Bach or ballerinas gliding across the floor with grace and poise. However, art isn’t just the things that encompass entertainment aspects. Anything can be an art. Art is defined as, “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination”. Art is an expression. Art is creativity. Because of this, anything can be an art, even thankfulness.

Being thankful itself is an art form. It is a real and pure expression of love and gratitude. It moves not only us but also the person receiving it to feel happy and honored, honored to give thankfulness and honored to receive appreciation. When we take a step back to look at a painting or a sculpture, we admire all that it is. We take in the beauty and study it to understand the meaning behind the masterpiece. People are just like artwork. Art is open to interpretation. When we are thankful for someone else, it is because we appreciate all that they are. We take a step back and admire them for their confidence, their courage, their kindness and who they are as a human being. We are grateful for their help and their discretion and appreciate what they offer and bring to us to add to our fulfillment. Each person brings beauty to our lives in some way.

When we take a moment to appreciate them for what they are, we have a better understanding of who they can be. People make us feel full, loved, admired, accepted and understood. They then take that and turn their appreciation into an art all its own. But remember, art is something you practice and develop. It is something you refine and showcase when you can. Make thankfulness your art. Practice being grateful, hone your appreciation and then take that art and showcase it to others whenever you get the chance. By showing your gratitude and kindness, people will usually return the sentiment, and both will leave better than before.

Thankfulness is beautiful and admirable and art in its own respect, as are people. Together, both intertwine to be a masterpiece of something fantastic and valuable. We want to thank all of our customers for being a stunning piece of artwork in the gallery, the key instrument in our orchestra and the poignant dancer on the stage of our business. We admire you and appreciate all that you are.