First of all, you may be wondering, what exactly is industrial marketing and why is it important for me to be concerned about? For starters, industrial marketing is a branch of communications and sales that provide goods and services to other businesses. For example, think about the difference between a video game store selling one game to an individual person, and a video game manufacturer selling thousands of games to a video game shop.

Selling to an individual customer may rely on good human interaction skills and knowledge about that person’s likes and dislikes. This may lead you to suspect that selling to a store is simpler, but in reality, it takes a lot more than just attractive packaging.

The Leg Work

The manufacturer would be responsible for providing a safe, worthwhile and profitable agreement between the two parties. They also will market the cost, quality and customer appeal of its video games to the game store so they can rest assured the products will sell easily.   

The first step to develop an industrial marketing plan is to identify the ideal customer. An ideal customer is one who would benefit from the product and the problem it solves. Setting these details allows a foundation of direct focus for the remainder of the marketing plan.

It is becoming increasingly important to have a strong online presence for your business. Though face to face networking is definitely beneficial, potential customers will most likely research a company online before going any further. An effective website should include details (but not overly specific) about the company and will serve as a good introduction.

After Initial Contact

If and when you get to the point of discussing a contract, the marketing phase is practically over. Next, your focus should be on maintaining a good working relationship. Consistent communication through email, phone, and in-person meetings help grow and nurture that relationship.

Back to the video game reference from earlier: the video game manufacturer should have a set plan with its account managers on how to stay in contact with reps from the store, and on how to inform them of new and upcoming products.

Since the video game store would no longer be considered a new client, all communications should be custom to fit their specific experience with the producer.

Reasons to use Industrial Marketing

Wondering if industrial marketing is right for your company? Here are some of the benefits and reasons for using this marketing strategy.

  • Your target audience wants to learn as much about you and your solutions before they will consider engaging with your sales team.
  • Industrial marketing aligns perfectly with how today’s self-educating buyers want to interact with their suppliers. It’s tough to tell your audience there is a problem, especially if they may not even be aware. You must convince them that your approach is better!
  • Take the time to clearly understand what challenges your client may be dealing with. Based on that, create a strategic game plan, where every single piece of content you create has a specific purpose.  

Having an effective industrial marketing strategy will ensure you are focused on the correct buyers and building positive relationships with them.

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